Why Consider Colon Hydrotherapy

Why Consider Colon Hydrotherapy

Misdiagnosed parasites and a clogged colon are the main cases of many diseases.

Toxins and parasites thrive in an unhealthy, unclean intestine.  When the bowl contains partially digested proteins, it can harbor an amazing variety of harmful bacteria and parasites.

Some parasites may not be affected by the harsh acid of the stomach or the juices of the intestine, and are able to survive the journey to the intestinal region that is most favorable to their development.

Another culprit is the Candida Albicans, a fungus found in every intestinal tract.  Normally kept in check by friendly bacteria, factors like a poor diet, antibiotics, birth control pills, estrogen, stress and even caffeine can stimulate the fungus into  immune compromising, total body infection, Candidiasis.  Candidiasis can trigger dozens of symptoms - weight gain, system infections, hyperactivity, mood swings, depression, arthritis, acne, allergies, fatigue, and more.

Colon Hydrotherapy benefits immune compromised sufferers of Lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue and Epstein-Barr by returning balance between the lymph system and the intestine, the lymph glands waste.